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General Information


Job location: Winter Park, FL 32789 United States
Requisition code:
Date posted: 04/01/13
Job type: Full-Time
Compensation: We offer Dental and Health, Paid Vacation and Sick Leave, CME tuition reimbursement, licensure renewal reimbursement.

Job Classification

Job Category:Director of Nursing

Job Description

Job description:
Director of Nursing/Center Director Responsibilities
Responsibilities and Authority:
Authority: The Center Director will work with the Board of Directors in all administrative aspects of the facility and is empowered to make all first line administrative decisions in accordance with facility policies, procedures, and applicable federal, state, and local laws. With respect to clinical matters, if there is a major clinical problem, the Center Director will confer with the Medical Director before a major clinical decision is made, and the position of the Medical Director will be final. In the event the Medical Director is not available, and there is a clear risk to the life or health of a patient, without exceptions, the Center Director has full authority to make any and all decisions necessary for safe patient care.
Leadership – The Center Director is charged by Board of Directors of the facility to lead, manage, and administer all administrative and clinical matters in the Facility. This person is expected to provide leadership through action, attitude, and personal example, which will provide for an effective and safe work environment yielding high levels of productivity, patient care, and employee satisfaction. The Center Director will uphold and enforce all Civil Rights and Equal Opportunity statutes, and will also uphold and enforce all statutes relating to workplace harassment of any type. The Center Director will handle patient complaints as well as all incident/variance reporting in accordance with the Facility’s policies and procedures.
Human Resources – The Center Director will work with the Human Resources Department and Director of Operations in the management of all aspects of Human Resources to include establishing job requirements, assessing competencies, setting salary rates, hiring and firing of employees, periodic performance evaluations, and developing employees’ work schedules.
Financial Management – The Center Director will work with the CFO to understand any pro-forma, to assist in the development of annual budgets, and will provide information regarding the payment of bills to the Accounting Department as required, and monitor:
Timely submission of patient superbills and daily deposits.
Patient Account Balances
Matters related to payroll as required by the Human Resources Department
Regulatory Matters/Accreditation Matters – The Center Director is responsible for working with the Legal and Credentialing Departments ensuring the Facility complies with all local, state, and federal laws. In addition, the Center Director is responsible for ensuring the Facility is accredited by an approved accrediting body and meets all of the requirements of that body.
Clinical Matters – The Center Director is responsible to work with the Medical Director in the direction of all clinical matters.
Assessment of Center Performance – The Center Director will work with the Director of Operations and Compliance Officer to continuously assess and strive to improve the center’s performance by designing operational processes, monitoring performance through the evaluation of data, and implementing a sustainable and auditable Quality Assurance program.
Implementation of Governmental Programs – The Center Director will work with the Compliance Officer regarding OSHA, HIPAA and the facility’s Compliance Programs. The Center Director with the Compliance Officer ensuring that policies and procedures are current, and that the program is managed as designed. The Center Director will assure all staff members administer medications and treatments in accordance with all applicable laws and acceptable standards of practice.
Materials Management – The Center Director will work with the Purchasing Department for ensuring that the supplies and equipment necessary to operate the Facility are ordered, stored, secured, and available for use when needed.
Management of Ancillary Agreements – The Center Director will be responsible for working with the Purchasing Department on all requests for services that shall be purchased from sources outside of the center.
Manage Environment of Care – The Center Director will work with the Director of Operations, Safety Officer and Infection Control Officer in managing the environment of care by developing, implementing, and monitoring processes to reduce and control environmental hazards and risks, preventing accidents and injuries and maintaining safe conditions for patients, staff, and visitors. The Center Director, with the Medical Director, will work with the Director of Operations, Safety Officer, Infection Control Officer and Compliance Officer in implementing an effective Infection Control Program.
Medical Director Relationships – The Center Director will meet periodically, but not less than bi-weekly, with the Medical Director and Director of Operations to ensure that the Medical Director and Director of Operations are kept abreast of all Facility activities. In addition, the Center Director will contact the Medical Director and Director of Operations when there is any question regarding medical practice standards, or the capacity of a physician to provide patient care. The Center Director will work with the Medical Director to establish both short term and long term objectives for the facility.

Job Requirements

Education, training, experience:
Other Duties as Assigned
The Center Director will be expected to perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Board of Directors, Director of Operations, or Medical Director, which will result in higher productivity levels, lower cost, increased revenue, or higher quality of patient care.
Education: Graduate of an accredited school of nursing, BSN desirable
Experience: Minimum five years of nursing practice – preferably in a peri-operative setting, or in an Operating Room. Minimum two years of administrative experience with full supervisory responsibilities.
Special Training: must have had or willing to have training in operational management of an ambulatory surgical center. Must have training or self-paced instruction in information management, and be able to utilize computers and various software programs such as: Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint
Certifications: must be BLS/ACLS Certified. CNOR, CRNA, APRN, or ACN a plus.
Other: Pre-employment background investigation is required.
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